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My Not-So-Empty Nest

My Not-So-Empty Nest


We become parents knowing our children will leave us someday. After all, that’s our job-prepare them to leave us. This makes perfect sense in theory. It also makes perfect sense in reality, except when both your kids leave home at the same time.


My eldest, Rachel, went off to college for the first time in late August. She is bright, mature and ready to face the world. As many parents sayshe’s cooked. I am so proud of her many talents and accomplishments.


My son, Ben, is also on a new journey. He went off to boarding school for the first time. Ben is a sharp, witty, sophomore in high school and was ready to have an experience outside of the City.


I run my business from a home office and arranged it this way so I would be around to see my kids after school. My body clock is still conditioned to the door opening at 4:30 each evening when they typically got home. Now the door stays closed, no one tells me about their day, and I am no longer needed. The new silence could be deafening, a reminder of time passing, but I refuse to indulge such thoughts. This is also my time; I am on an incredible journey having built a business that requires nearly all of my attention. I am living a dream of my own creation. I hope my kids are too.