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The Ultimate Guide To Reinventing Yourself in Your 40’s

There are many challenges that come with growing older. Surprisingly, many of them are not physical.


As we age, it’s easy to feel like we’ve reached our pinnacle and begin to question the road ahead. Yes, our bodies have changed, but in addition, our children have grown up, we have reached career success, become more involved with our aging parents, and have gained invaluable wisdom. These changes often inspire us to reevaluate life decisions, in particular,  our careers.


When all of this started happening to me, I discovered a determination from deep within. I felt a need to embrace these changes and incorporate them into my daily practices as well as rethink the future. I hit the reset button and made valuable insights that would reshape my actions.  It was a time to take better care of my physical and emotional self, act on business ideas, travel more, and strengthen bonds with family and friends.


Aging is not as bad as you think if you stay in the game.


I started a new business and had children in my mid to late thirties. My career blossomed into my forties and midway through, I took a hiatus. That’s when it all came together: Where others saw time passing, I found opportunity.


It’s easier to grow older when you know what you want.

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As long as you stay driven, aging doesn’t need to weigh on you. When I reached my mid forties, I realized that I still had fresh ideas that I wanted to turn into businesses. I still had dreams that I wanted to turn into reality, and I realized that I still had so many years to make my vision a reality.


With so many fruitful years ahead, I wasn’t finished yet. So, I started setting new goals and making new plans. Doing so reinvigorated my zest for life, and I felt like a 20-something setting sail on a new business venture.

Take care of yourself inside and out.


It is essential to make time for activities that feed your mind, body and soul. It’s easy to become a robot when you’re always working. But to keep yourself running, you need to pause and take care of yourself.


Set aside time for personal outlets like painting, reading or exercising. When you make time for yourself, you help revitalize your mind, and it will shine through in your work. Once you feel good on the inside, you can work on having an outside to match.


Additionally, fashion is a form of self-expression, so it’s no surprise that it can be PART of reinventing yourself. As you get older, your wardrobe should match your lifestyle.


Suddenly those gigantic gold hoops you would donn in your 20s don’t look right anymore. In your forties, you start purchasing subtler, more timeless, hence ageless options. You still have your great taste, but now it becomes refined with more elegance.


My clothing line was intended to dress people in this exact phase of life. We believe in offering high fashion athletic and street wear, that’s tastefully chic and age appropriate at the same time. How you present yourself to the world is imperative and involves balance and confidence in one’s own personal brand. It is a balance that you curate over time. It’s about creating your own look and identifying what makes you feel confident and strong everyday.

Stay relevant by knowing what’s going on in the world.


The latest apps and social networking tools may seem intimidating at first, but they are a great way to learn and grow while remaining culturally relevant. In addition, they provide a vital medium to build your personal brand or grow your business.


Don’t assume what you’ve done in the past is still best practice because it is not - everything is in constant flux. Technology and information changes the world on a daily basis so you need to keep up to remain successful. Read and learn from article, blogs, friends, coworkers and of course, children, as they know the most!

Remain curious because there is always time to do and see more.


If you truly want to reinvent yourself, you must always seek inspiration in all that you do. Your forties are just a checkpoint, letting you know that you have so many more years ahead and so much life to live. This is a new chapter, far from a bookend.


With so many years remaining, try your best to be a sponge, and continue to absorb all that you can. No matter how old you are, never allow your thirst for knowledge to be quenched. There's no excuse for not knowing things as we have 24/7 access to answers.


Soak up all you can and input what you’ve gathered and learned into your life and career.


When I took a trip to India a few years back, I was taken aback by the culture and all of the magnificent colors and textured fabrics that surrounded me. The bright hues and assortments of color combinations were truly breathtaking and inspired what was incorporated into my personal life as well as my clothing line.


Any experience can be turned into a productive one as long as you learn to weave what you’ve seen into your work.

Be present at home and in the office.


Every day can feel like a tug of war between family, career, and other responsibilities. However, each day can also be completely fulfilling if you are present in that moment. Resist the distractions, keep your focus, and accept where you are.


It’s also critical to know when it’s time to take a break. If you can no longer be focused and productive, then change your environment and recharge your battery. Go for a walk, get to the gym, plan a much needed trip, or do whatever it takes to regroup.

Embrace life as it happens.


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Human nature tends to lead us towards wanting more. I once asked a dear friend how much is enough and his response was “more.” For years I ascribed to this belief but ultimately learned otherwise. Life is not a game to win; rather it is a journey we are on and is filled with greatness and adversity, all of which is to be embraced.